AJPA - Volume 1

February 2017

Our choice for our first Topic of the year was SMALL BUT KIND OF MIGHTY.

Needless to say, we hope it to be auspicious for the Journal’s future. In fact, successful projects generally ‘start small,’ but are conceived by people who ‘think big.’ Even if they are actually ‘small,’ they can have an enormous impact on the community they grow in, or even on society at large. They may choose either to stay small or to grow, but in both cases they prove to be influential and powerful.

We looked for good small public archaeology projects whose powerful impact on society was clearly described and analyzed but, above all, measured. In short, we challenged archaeologists to evaluate their public outreach activities in depth. We are proud of the result and we consider it a first significant step towards the establishment in Italy of public archaeology as an accurate and stringent practice.

However, this first issue of AJPA does not begin with the Topic of the Year section, but rather with two extremely engaging readings that we received as goodwill presents by two distinguished members of our Advisory Board. We were so grateful to them that we created a specific and very evocative temporary section for them: Memories. In a dense conversation with Carolina Megale, Daniele Manacorda recalls his most significant experiences as an archaeologist and analyzes how they contributed to shape his vision of the discipline’s role in society. While Richard Hodges’ memoir describes his first encounter with the Albanian World Heritage site of Butrint in 1993.

In this year’s Postscript another member of our Advisory Board, Akira Matsuda, foresees some crucial questions that lie ahead for this Journal. We will work hard in order to meet his expectations.

We hope you enjoy this first issue!


C. Dal Maso


A. Matsuda